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The "Work With Us" page is the page in which we are supposed to brag about our accomplishments and capabilities with an aim at impressing you. We could highlight our diverse writing style that can be customized to meet any need, or we could mention the numerous writing projects including movie scripts that we have been involved with while living in Hollywood. We could even highlight that we have a Producer credit in a short film that we were involved in that was an Official Selection for the "Lady's First" in the International Film Festival held in Cork, Ireland.

We could list the numerous countries we have been to and chronicled. We probably would point out how our advanced photography skills have helped to document our experiences.

We could underscore how the above skills have grown our social media following to over 20,000 with a weekly engagement approaching 150,000!

We would then conclude that you/your brand/your organization could benefit from the sum of all these skills and social following, but we won't.

We will instead acknowledge the limitation of trying to understand what we can do for you by reading just a few paragraphs. So we invite you to contact us so we can better understand your needs and you can learn more of how we can personalize a program to meet these needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

We specialize in:

Destination Marketing Campaign

Brand Ambassadorship

Sponsored Post

Press Trip

Freelance Writing

Hotel Review

Travel Product Review

Social Media Management

Website Development And Design