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John and Sly in Viñales Valley, Cuba
John and Sly in Viñales Valley, Cuba
How and Why It All Started

Who We Are And What We are About

Truth be told, we never set out to write a blog about traveling. In fact, we never intended to start a blog about anything. We both shared a passion for the itinerant lifestyle and traveled a lot as a result. Whenever we got back home, our family and friends would bombard us with requests for photos and travel anecdotes. So we started sharing our travel pictures on Instagram, and it all snowballed from there. Our following steadily grew, and the opportunity for a blog emerged. Our blogging knowledge was minimal, and truth be told, still is. However, our stories, observations, and commentary are genuine. We were inspired by the growing black travel movement and hoped to encourage others as well. Socially, we believe in love and compassion, and our commentary will reflect this. Musically and culturally we are as diverse as a San Francisco music festival in the Haight-Ashbury heyday.  When not traveling abroad, we enjoy exploring local spots and different cuisine. We are also dog lovers and hope to soon adopt a new fury member of our family (or two).


Venice Beach, California


We love the beach so much, we moved to it!

We Loved Hollywood, California but Needed a Quieter Existence (we getting old y'all)

We Loved Hollywood, California but Needed a Quieter Existence (We getting old y'all!)

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Childhood Friends to Partners In Life

We met when we were 10, maybe 11 in Nairobi, Kenya. We came from very different backgrounds and moved with different crowds. After primary school (elementary school), we went to different high schools in different cities and seemed destined never to meet again. After high school, we drifted even further apart when we moved to different continents. 14 Years later, thanks to both our brother’s continued friendship we spoke on the phone. This was at the height of Facebook’s popularity so we ‘friended’ each other. We kept in touch through Facebook until one day we started actively messaging each other. We talked about the years past and found we had a lot in common. We decided to meet. Our first date was at a spoken word poetry café which was fitting for we both love expressive language. We stayed up all night and talked about the last 20 years. We laughed, we cried, we kissed. We fell in love.

Why We Chose

Why TwoSidedCoin

When we decided to start a blog, we envisioned chronicling our travels while also highlighting particular human plights that affected the local people of the places we visited. That's how we came up with the name TwoSidedCoin; it was in reference to the duality of cities. We recognized that for every beautiful city, for every picturesque monument, there existed a marginalized, underserved population. Or at the very least, a social issue or injustice that needed highlighting. We intended to explore this dualism.

Why We Chose

Why .ORG

So as the vision went, once we achieved our intent of highlighting the social issues that warranted attention, we would set up a benefit fund. This was going to be the charity arm of the blog. Inspired by Humans Of New York (HONY), we sought to make a difference, no matter how small, through donating any money we raised. We pledged to donate any revenue that was made from the blog and also hoped to receive donations from interested people.

John and Sly similing at each other at the waterfront in Havana, Cuba

Its always better when we are together. Havana, Cuba 2018.

If You Are Ever In California...

We live in Port Hueneme (Pronunciation is similar to saying; "Port Y knee me"), California and take every opportunity to travel and discover new experiences. Be sure to subscribe, we are going to open up about love, relationships, abuse and, You don't want to miss out!