Extinguishing Old Flames – Bye Regina!

4 mins read I knew deep down that if Regina continued to be a part of John's life, he and I would not work out. It was a simple case of either her or me. Even though John and I had grown very close, I was still nervous about bringing up the conversation. I knew I was going to have to issue an ultimatum, and there was a good chance that it would not go over well. He once had feelings for her, what if he still did?

You Don’t Get To Choose The Good Bits And Leave Out The Bad

4 mins read Last week I explained how what attracted me to John ended up being one of his most significant flaws. Read all about it here:. This week I share the second lesson that I learned during our tumultuous storming stage: You don’t get to choose the good bits and leave out the bad. Catch up on the…

What Attracted You To Them May Be Their Biggest Flaw

4 mins read We fought a lot during what we now call our "storming" stage. As our fights disintegrated into shouting matches, I observed something baffling at the time. A lot of the things that pissed me off were connected to a character trait of his that I had been attracted too. That's when I realized, "Sometimes what attracted you to the person can actually be their biggest flaw." Read all about our earlier hedonistic lifestyle and how it tore us apart.



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