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Do This If You Want To Travel More!

By TheTwoSidedCoin / Oct 19, 2018 / 53 Comments

4 mins read We find that the one thing that holds people back from traveling is the perception that they can’t afford it. We always point out to our friends that we earn a median income with some of them earning far more than we do. It’s all about prioritizing travel. If you make travel a  priority you…

John and Sly similing at each other at the waterfront in Havana, Cuba

Everything You Need To Know Before Traveling To Cuba (Especially For Americans)

By TheTwoSidedCoin / Mar 3, 2018 / 11 Comments

12 mins read Cuba is truly unique. It is like nothing you have ever seen and nothing you are likely to see anywhere else in the world. This makes it a truly bucket-list worthy destination. Isolated by much of the world since the late 1950’s, the country seems frozen in time; the cars, buildings and infrastructure remain unchanged…


Beautiful Santa Catalina Island – The Perfect Birthday Getaway

By TheTwoSidedCoin / Jan 26, 2018 / 0 Comments

4 mins read Catalina Island is a gorgeous, picturesque island located just 22 miles from Los Angeles. Although most of it is rocky and mostly arid, it does have an incorporated city: Avalon and a smaller boating community called Two Harbors. Getting to the island is by air or sea only.


Why traveling is important to me

By TheTwoSidedCoin / Dec 9, 2017 / 38 Comments

3 mins read This week I was all set to chronicle our trip to Paris but as I sat at the computer I started to reflect on what it all meant to me. Why did I love travelling so much and why did it evoke so much emotion in me when I travelled? Well I am going to…


Our Maiden Voyage: The Final Chapter

By TheTwoSidedCoin / Dec 3, 2017 / 13 Comments

3 mins read Having had our fill of Covent Gardens, we hopped back on to the Piccadilly line and got off at the next stop which was Leicester Square. Leicester Square is to London what Hollywood is to Los Angeles, home of movie premiers, theaters, shopping and night life. I was there for the theaters. With over 24 theaters…


Our Maiden Voyage: Part Three

By TheTwoSidedCoin / Nov 27, 2017 / 25 Comments

3 mins read My mother-in-law was a delight. We got on comfortably. She was easy to talk to partly because she did most of it. But not in an overwhelming self-centered way, but as someone who is very adept at socializing would. She knew just when to change the topic, ask a timely question to avoid awkward silences…


Our Maiden Voyage: Part Two

By TheTwoSidedCoin / Nov 12, 2017 / 44 Comments

3 mins read So here we were, in the well-appointed bar at Kings Cross Station. I perused the menu trying to remember fries were chips here and chips were crisps and bangers were sausages and the pound was equal to 1.7 dollars. Which meant the bangers and mash meal cost 12 x 1.7…sigh! never-mind. I was too tired…


Our Maiden Voyage

By TheTwoSidedCoin / Nov 6, 2017 / 50 Comments

3 mins read Every relationship has milestones. Like the first time you spend the night at your boyfriends/girlfriends place, or when you decide to move in together or even the first time you fart in front of your partner. All these milestones usually signify a progression in the relationship. Moving, for example, presents a lot of challenges and…