Society’s Rules Can Ruin Your Relationship. Here Is How.

5 mins read Our path to marital happiness, or at least our version of it, was not traditional. We choose to radically redefine our roles within our relationship and set our own success markers. By doing so, we succeeded in unloading a lot of societal baggage. The fluidity of our relationship is a significant contributor to its success. Our families have slowly come to understand that we do not live by other people's rules or expectations. We are answerable to no one on how we chose to live our lives. The truth is, they gon' talk, either way, might as well do you.

We Fact-Checked Dr. Mikovits’ Pandemic Conspiracy Claims. If You Watched The Video, Read This!

10 mins read The Video took 26 minutes to watch, this ten minute article is half the time and twice as truthful.-Inbox Message Minutes 1-5 Claim The video starts by lauding Dr. Mikovits as “one of the most accomplished scientists of her generation” with “ground-breaking” contributions to Aids research. The interviewer continues to claim that Dr. Mikovits published…

A Look At Bob Marley’s Life and Legacy

11 mins read Bob Marley is a hero to many, an icon of his generation. Heralded as a spiritual leader and even as a prophet to some, he transcended poverty, oppression, and discrimination to emerge as one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century.  He achieved in a score of years what most will not in…



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